Our Story

It was the end of 2015, the motorcycle season had just ended and winter depression was starting to set in. Nonetheless we wanted to enjoy our machines somewhere, if not on the streets, then on the internet. We found several social networks which were more like news sites. As they were all overloaded with articles and ads we quickly abandoned this idea. There was no place where we could show our rides and document their lives. No place where we could store our experiences with our machines. No place to have a look at the rides of our friends and their adventures. As we have been programmers for several years and already had experience by working on another vehicle platform, we thought to ourselves: if no one else provides us with what we want, we have to make it ourselves ;-). The idea of Wheelcrowd was born. For over a year we worked day and night besides our day jobs on the creation of this platform. We quit our jobs in early 2017 when we were ready to release the platform and here we are now. :-)

Our highest goal is to create a platform for the community with the community. Your input and your ideas are what motivates us every day. It also helps us to improve the platform and make a place for everyone who shares a passion in vehicles.

Who we are

The one with the need for speed
At an early age, Tim was already fascinated by fast cars and motorcycles. Despite the fact that his racing career ended up being just a dream, he lives parts of his dream on the racetracks of Europe in a regular fashion just 4 fun.

As a nerd and coder he wants to follow his passion with Wheelcrowd and push the digitalization of vehicles as well as connecting their owners and increase the transparency in the vehicle market.

Before founding Wheelcrowd, Tim worked for Autoscout24/Motoscout24 and several Swiss banks as a consultant. He has a Bachelor of science degree in information technology by the HSZ-T Zurich.
The one with the wind in his face
Through his father’s trade with old-timers Patrick came into contact with the automobile at an early age. His dream is to hit the road and enjoy the scenery in his very own AC Cobra, blue if possible.

As a passionate software developer, he wants to travers modern paths of software development with Wheelcrowd to provide users with an effective and most enjoyable experience.

Before founding Wheelcrowd, Patrick worked for the ti&m company as an IT Consultant and was involved with several IT projects of various swiss banks. He has received a diploma in information technology by the University of Applied sciences Northwestern Switzerland.
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